The Dignified Funeral For Loved Ones Lost During Social Isolation

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Ruiying Xu
Peggy Li
Viola Huang
Benzhe Chen

05.2020 - 08.2020

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In 2020, the global pandemic hit suddenly. With many people losing their families and friends, our team envisioned a funeral service that helps people under social distancing remember their loved ones

Here is a story of Amanda, and many others during the pandemic…

In 2020 it has been 8 years since Amanda moved away from home at the age of 18.
She visits her family once a year, but because of COVID-19, this year’s visit has to be canceled.

Her Grandma COCO was diagnosed with fatal disease in July, and within 3 weeks she passed away.
During her last days, Amanda could only talk to her over the phone from miles away.

After Grandma Coco passed away, her Family was overwhelmed with their loss.

Amanda wished she could attend the funeral and support her family in this time of need even at a distance. How could she reminisce together with them during this time of social distancing?

What can we do when we experience the loss of our loved ones like Grandma Coco's Family under social distancing?

My Role

I worked with a team of three product designers. As the project progressed, I took the initiative to raise questions about the scope of the problem we were solving. This helped us refine our design focus and create a more empowering solution over the course of 14 weeks. I was responsible for user experience by crafting the user flow based on our research and creating UI prototypes with my teammates.

We chose the name Quilt, which serves as a metaphor for connecting different patches to form a warm bed covering or garment. Our brand aims to connect love beyond distance, reflecting the core value of Quilt.

Quilt is a hybrid funeral service that helps people plan and hold a dignified funeral for loved ones they have lost during social distancing. Quilt connects love beyond distance.

Too much to solve

Our team conducted extensive research across different aspects during the COVID-19 pandemic and identified the critical need to design a better end-of-life experience for people. We recognized the importance of providing comfort to individuals during the pandemic and believed that this service could also set a new standard for the funeral industry in the post-pandemic world.

The Problem

Through interviews with experts and potential users and analysis of existing services, we identified the needs, wants, and pain points of users throughout each step of the current afterlife service process. From there, we translated these insights into the design of the Quilt service.

User Journey


How might we make the planning process of an afterlife service less burdensome for individuals experiencing deep grief?

01  Funeral planning

How might we personalize the funeral service to honor the individuals we have lost?

02  Funeral setup

How might we enable guests to support and connect with each other and the grieving family, despite physical distance?

03  Funeral ceremony

01 Funeral planning

Quilt is a customizable planning template system that efficiently helps users, including families, undertakers, and clergy teams, to plan their funeral services.

Online Planning

Registration Questionnaire

Offer a customized planning template to get started with.

Planning Modules

A friendly co-planning experience utilizing modular options.

Guest Invitation

Manage guest list and social platforms for invitations and post obituary information.

Communicate with Pastor

Contacting the pastor during the planning process made easy.

Memorial Space

Family and friends can share memorial texts, images, and videos together.

Gift Store

Manage and receive sustainable digital gifts and memorial funds, providing a more eco-friendly and convenient way to honor and remember their loved ones.

02  Funeral setup

The Quilt modular technology set is a suite of products designed to help funeral homes connect the on-site and online funeral service experiences. Funeral workers can easily set up devices in any space.

Onsite Setup

Modular technology set

Quilt's onsite setup package includes a modular technology set that consists of live-stream cameras, a projector, a projector screen, and speakers.

These devices are designed in modular geometrical shapes and feature neutral colors, ensuring a modern and inviting appearance.

The devices can be set up in various configurations to suit different types of spaces, and they can also customize the setup based on the unique needs of each family.

Camera angles can be personalized to accommodate online guests and create a more immersive experience for them.

03 Funeral ceremony

By utilizing both online activities and on-site interactions to strengthen live communication between on-site and online guests, Quilt aims to dignify people's end-of-life experience, even in situations with physical constraints or limitations.

Online Guest

Invitation & Join in

Protect the privacy of lost loved one.

Live Message Board

See messages of support from others

Send Gifts

Send your gifts and donation to help the family.

Waiting Room

Join a casual conversation with other attendees, just as you would in person.

Switch Camera View

Experience the ceremony with flexible camera views.

Have a seat

Experience the same view as on-site guests, as if you were seated next to them.

Individual Eulogies

Express your love and show respect to speakers.

Memorial Board

Share your precious memories and discover the life stories of the person who has passed away.

Onsite Guest

Pass On the Supports

View live messages of support from online guests.

Individual Eulogy

Streaming real-time video  of online guests and speakers.

Share the Memories

Display memories and gifts uploaded by families and friends.

Personalized Immersive Funeral

Honors the wishes of your loved one who has passed away. Quilt allows you to create a unique and meaningful celebration of their life, with customizable features and options tailored to their spiritual beliefs, individual preferences and personality.

Business Strategy

Brand Positioning

Connected and Personalized

Business Model

Connected and Personalized

High & Low Cost Solutions

Customizable products and service

Future Opportunity

Sustainable business

Quilt is a hybrid funeral service that enables people to plan and hold a dignified funeral for loved ones who have passed away during social distancing measures.

Quilt connects people beyond distance, allowing them to come together virtually to celebrate the life of their loved one.

Reflections: about love

At the end of the project, we created a video to reflect on our relationship with our own loved ones, particularly in the context of the pandemic. We hope to share this video with others as a memento of our experience designing Quilt.

Quilt is not just a necessary service, it's a heartwarming story that resonates with people. Here is a screenshot of the feedback we got from the studio class after our final presentation.

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