The Future Joyful Lifestyle that Connects to People and Nature

Project Brief

Team Project
Sponsored by NIO

Ruiying Xu

Experience Design
Kaiji Luo
Environment Design
Karen Kang
Product Design
Mauro Diaz
Transportation Design

09.2021 - 12.2021

Trend research
System Design
Experience design
Automotive UX

After Effects

NIO is a multinational automobile manufacturer that is known for its electric vehicles.

In the fall of 2021, they sponsored a class for ArtCenter students to deliver premium moments that will shape a more joyful lifestyle for their customers in the future.

My Role

I collaborated with three other designers in a multidisciplinary team for 14 weeks, with a focus on experience design.

I led concept development with world-building, designed the user experience for the automotive, created a system structure for a holistic solution, and crafted compelling storytelling for sponsor project presentations.

In the future...

Our urban area will become even denser, making it difficult to get around and enjoy nature spaces, and each other.

How might we create a new experience with NIO that helps people get around safely and delightfully that inspires happiness?

NIO Oasis

NIO Oasis is a future proposal for living with mental and physical wellness as the ultimate luxury and joyful lifestyle for people. It represents moments of joy, the memory of ecstasy, and the place of connections to build a better life and better future.

How to envision
a future of happiness

Inspired by ancient Asian philosophy, we applied proxemics study as guideline to design premium experiences across different scales of spaces - from personal, to social, to public spaces - with the aim of promoting happiness.

Our vision is to create a world where NIO services not only provide joy but also have a positive impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

NIO Oasis

NIO oasis is a future transit system for short and long-distance travel. It provides refreshing getaways that create bonds and positive impacts on personal, communal, and societal levels through a shared value system.


How might we eliminate digital invasion within personal space for relaxation?

01  Personal Oasis

How might we facilitate the creation of more connected community spaces?

02  Shared Oasis

How might we make public facilities and systems more sustainable and beneficial for everyone?

03  Communal Oasis

01 Personal Oasis

NIO Mobi with Nomi

Mobi is a mobile space with multiple modes that synchronize with other physical spaces to ensure a consistent, ideal lifestyle through the use of Nomi, a personal virtual assistant. It serves as a personal oasis for individuals to escape the stress of city life and find relaxation and clarity.

Mobi in the City

Nomi Ecosystem
in NIO Mobi

NOMI, as the personal virtual assistant, can track a user's wellness data and create a customized health profile. Based on the user's physical and mental needs, NOMI can synchronize space settings across both the Mobi mobile space and their home. This creates a personalized environment that caters to the user's specific wellness needs.

"The City Life"

➊ Christien lives in the city and just finished work. Mobi, his ride, arrives promptly and waits for him. After verifying his identity, Christien gets into Mobi.

➋ Christien sits down in Mobi and Nomi, his personal assistant, greets him. He activates the control panel to start his ride.

➌ Since Mobi is set in living room mode, Nomi adjusts the interior environment, including lighting and seating, using space syncing and Christien's wellness data.

➍ Mobi's auto-responsive control panel adjusts the control buttons based on Christien's hand position and gestures, making interactions effortless for him.

Space Syncing

Dwelling Sync

The mobile personal space as your second home with NOMI ecosystem.

- Living room
- Bedroom

NIO house Sync

Bring premium NIO services to every user, in the convenience of each Mobi space.

- NIO House Library
- NIO House Meeting room
- NIO gallery

NIO Realm Sync

The immersive natural getaway experience.

- NIO Realm on different nature traveling routes
- NIO Realm gallery

02 Shared Oasis

Mobi Connect

Mobi Connect enables users to connect with friends through its digital platform and participate in phygital community wellness events together, creating a shared oasis.

"Exercise Time"

➎ Christien and his wife receive an invitation from their friends to attend an NIO yoga event. Mobi takes them to the park where the event is taking place. During the event, they participate in a digital guided practice with a gamified and interactive digital environment. Christien and his wife have a great time meeting up with their friends and joining in on the experience, as well as meeting new people in the community.

03 Communal Space

NIO Realm

NIO Realm is the ultimate communal oasis that offers people an eco-friendly solution for a long-distance getaway to nature.

"Family Travel"

➏ It is a fantastic adventure for Christien and his family to travel together for long distance and take a break from their city life.

➐ Mobi drives Christien's family into the NIO Realm and then is elevated to their designated parking floor.

➑ Mobi offers Christien's family a secure and comfortable mobile home space away from home.

➒ Christien's family visits the sky deck area in the upper Realm where they enjoy an immersive view and premium public lounge services. They also learn about NIO's sustainable strategies at the Realm Gallery located in the center.

➓ Excited by the experience, Christien's family asks Nomi to take a picture as the Realm dives into the ocean, capturing the joyful moment to keep and share with others.

NIO oasis is a future transit system for short and long-distance travel. It offers luxurious and joyful experiences for people's mental and physical wellness.

The oasis includes spaces for personal, shared, and communal levels, providing sustainable getaways that have positive impacts on individuals, communities, and society.

Comments We Received From NIO Design Team

Kris Tomasson | NIO Design Vice President

"You brought the fantasy to life, which is really important. At the different touch a lot of different ways to interact with the user. Really good job."

Alister Whelan | NIO Studio Director

"...the warmth starting from the interior of Mobi and nice interactions as well...Really inspiring project."

Colin Phipps | Senior Director of NIO Shanghai Design Studio

"The small, medium, and large socialization aspect of it is very nice, very Nio, and very optimistic."

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