Music for all = Playground + Kids × Parents

Project Brief

Team Project

Ruiying Xu
Dominique Rivero
Sebastien Gutierrez (sound advise)

09.2022 - 12.2022

Creative Concept
UX Design
Mix Reality Design

Virtual Reality
Physical Prototype

Jingle is an experimental mixed reality project created for the Everyday Immersion studio class, which aims to design a mixed reality object that bridges the gap between physical and digital space, utilizing the unique features and advantages of both.

My Role

As socialization has shifted from physical spaces to digital ones, I have become curious about how community spaces can incorporate phygital technology. Parks, as recreational and social hubs of communities, are particularly interesting spaces to design for.

Together with a musically inclined friend, I led the design of a physical and audio interaction for the monkey bars in a park setting.

How can we use mixed reality to improve the play experience in public spaces and explore the connection between music in the physical and digital worlds in our communities?


Playground + Kids × Parents = Music for all

The interactive playground aims to revolutionize children's playtime by integrating music and public spaces. By merging the physical elements of a traditional monkey bar with audio layers, it produces a musical symphony and adds a new layer of sensory stimulation to communal public spaces.

As a demonstration, we created a prototype called Jingle that operates as a monkey bar. Here's how parents and children can engage with it:

01 Experience

Jingle Manual

Jingle Manual

Start with no instructions

Jingle fosters an intuitive play experience that encourages users to explore and play with sounds without the need for instructions.

The Monkey Bar

1. Start by grabbing onto the first bar to activate the monkey bar bass sound.

2. Move towards the last bar to adjust the pitch based on your speed.

3. Add sound components to the hooks to create new sounds.

4. Play and experiment with the different components to explore pitch changes.

5. To reset the audio, climb the monkey bars in reverse order.To turn off the monkey bar sounds, simply unhook and put away the components.

Music Components

02 Building process

Live Demo

Live Demo

We created a live demo using Unity and a Vive VR headset, utilizing the controller for tracking.

User Test

👀 The two kids enjoyed playing with the Jingle monkey bar so much. Their parent had to tell them to stop.

Playground + Kids × Parents = Music for all

Jingle is an interactive playground that envisions the future of mixed reality play in public spaces for the community.

Special thanks to

our instructors, Jenny and Siladityaa, for their invaluable feedback and guidance throughout the project; our TA, Hongming, for his help during our building and experimentation process; our amazing peers for their support and inspiration throughout the class.

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